Linda Hay is Victoria’s Secret chief makeup artist and the secret behind its beautiful Angels, such as: Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, and Adriana Lima. In this interview find out who was Linda Hay’s biggest inspiration to become a makeup artist, the best part of working with Victoria’s Secret, and her dream face for makeup.

When did your fascination with makeup begin?
When I was a very young girl one of my favorite things to do was to watch my mother put on her makeup. She could not go anywhere unless she put on a face. My mom is very attractive woman and I used to just love watching her transform. Then I went to art school and I really didn’t know what to do after I got out of school. I thought I might be a sculptor or maybe a painter of some sort. I also knew that the kind of job I would enjoy involves travel, working for myself, portable and not in an office. But I didn’t know what it was until I got into makeup-this is when I said to myself-that is my job!

What was your biggest break as a professional makeup artist?
My biggest break was being introduced to Victoria’s Secret. It was a huge break for me because it immediately elevates you to work in a company that really appreciates makeup and beauty. Victoria’s Secret is all about the fantasy and that’s what I love. I love celebrating women and the fantasy of being a girl. Women are so beautiful. One of my favorite classes in art school was life drawing, I was so blown away by the female body.

“My biggest break was being introduced to Victoria’s Secret.It was a huge break for me because it immediately elevates you to work in a company that really appreciates makeup and beauty. Victoria’s Secret is all about the fantasy and that’s what I love.I love celebrating women and the fantasy of being a girl.”

How do you describe your makeup style?
I like to enhance, I don’t like to transform. I like the face to be the dominant part and the makeup to work around like a painting. I want you to see the face and not the makeup.

Is there a typical Victoria’s Secret model makeup look?
I like to customize my the makeup according to the model I’m working with. They are all so different. Otherwise I will be missing out on the individual beauty of the model. To me it is the face that dominates the application.

What are some your favorite Victoria’s Secret Beauty products?
I love all Victoria’s Secret Bare Bronze products. That’s what I apply on the models in fashion shows. I apply it on legs and body. Makeup shouldn’t stop at the face or the neck, it should look continuous and blended all over the body.

Do you travel a lot and what city do you find most inspiring?
Greece, Venice, Rome, New York, and Paris they are all independently inspiring because of what they represent.

What is the best part working with Victoria’s Secret?
The best part is every part. You couldn’t hope to work for a greater group of people. We’re friends. We are like a strange extended family that spends a lot time together. We travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world, locations you might never get to go in your personal life. I am very fortunate.

Who would be your dream canvas or face for makeup?
Victoria’s Secret Angels, the most beautiful women in the world. And after meeting Liza Minnelli while out in New York City with Hide Klum , I might say-Liza Minnelli. Liza is a woman from the old school who seems to love makeup.

It was a pleasure to interview Linda you can find out all about the models, makeup and ofcourse underwear by visiting :

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  1. Hi, I hope that this reaches you Linda, my name is Nadia and I know that the Victoria Secret Fashion show is coming to Miami Beach and I wanted to know if you could find room for me if you’re going to be attending. I don’t have alot of professional experience but I love being a makeup artist and would like a chance. Thank you

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