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Revolution Organics

  Revolution Organics is a skin care line founded by Melissa Shabinsky & Alexandra Zanella with a mission for creating beautifully packaged, luxuriously formulated, multi-tasking, healthy, fresh smelling beauty products.  In this interview Melissa and Alexandra talk to us about the birth of Revolution Organics, what set the brand apart from other organic skin care […]

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Dr. Rodriguez – Aveeno

Dr. Rodriguez is a popular dermatologist based in Miami who specializes in therapies and treatments of skin diseases in patients with ethnic skin. Dr. Rodriguez has also extensively studied nonmelanoma skin cancers and acne. In this interview Dr. Rodriguez tells us why he decided on a career in dermatology, gives simple tips on how to […]

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Jan Marini

  Jan Marini, president and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc., is more than one of the most respected names in skin care. Jan’s passionate commitment to healthy skin, as an educator, innovator and product researcher, prompted one journalist to dub her “The Derma Diva.” In this interview Jan Marini talks about her fascination […]

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Sharon Johnson is an Executive Vice President and Director of Brand Development for M LAB Skincare, which was created by Millbar Laboratories. In this interview, Sharon Johnson talks about her role at M LAB, what makes M LAB stand out compare to other skincare brands on the market, why is M LAB’s Anti-Aging Treatment Cream […]

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Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Hoffman is the beautiful wife of Hollywood Actor Dustin Hoffman and the creator of Lisa Hoffman Skin Care Line. In this interview Lisa Hoffman explains how her very hectic travel schedule married to Dustin Hoffman inspired her to create the Lisa Hoffman Skin Care Line, which two new products she is most excited about, […]

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Dr. Daniel Yarosh

Dr Daniel Yarosh is widely recognized as a pioneer in the science of DNA repair. In this interview Dr Yarosh talks about is passion for DNA damage and repair, creating his own skin care line: Remergent, why did he decide to write the book: The Science of Perfect Skin, gives skin care advice, and his […]

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Nitisha Buldeo – Organic Apoteke

Meet Dr. Nitasha Buldeo the creator of Organic Apoteke skin care line. In this interview Nitasha talks about how her grandmother a South African Ayurvedic doctor sparked her interest for skin care and for creating Organic Opoteke, why she loves Organic Opoteke’s Body Hydrate Oil, how organic Opoteke’s Nutrient Delivery System and unique formulations make […]

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DDF – Dr. Sobel

Dr Howard Sobel is the creator of DDF Skincare. In this interview Dr Sobel talks about his decision to create DDF, the best part of developing his own skincare line, why he thinks Giuliana Rancic’s from E! News favorite DDF Cleanser is so amazing, and his passion to help women and men restore their skin […]

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Mama Mio

Mama Mio was founded by three beauty experts: Sian Sutherland, Tanya Kazeminy Mackay and Kathy Miller. As mothers their mission is to provide Supermamas with the most effective skincare products throughout the journey of motherhood. In this interview Mama Mio’s founders talk about how it all began, what makes Mama Mio special, and give us […]

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Adorage MD

The Adorage MD skincare line was created by three fascinating women: Ida, a skin cancer survivor. Ella, a doctor of internal medicine. And, Yelena a dermatological nurse with 18 years of experience working with Manhattan’s most in-demand dermatologists. Together they have created the first luxury skincare line to combine gentle neutralized glycolic acid and active […]

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