Jan Marini, president and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc., is more than one of the most respected names in skin care. Jan’s passionate commitment to healthy skin, as an educator, innovator and product researcher, prompted one journalist to dub her “The Derma Diva.” In this interview Jan Marini talks about her fascination with skincare, explains why she is proud of the Marini Eyelash technology or the “Marini Lash”, and confess that making a change in someone’s life is the best part of creating the Jan Marini skincare line.
When did your fascination with skin care begin?
It may sound trite, but I have always been fascinated with skin, skin care and all things medical.  There is a family legend that one of my very first words was “dehydration.”

Can you tell us about the beginnings of the Jan Marini skin care line?
At the age of 19, I developed severe cystic acne. This was the catalyst that launched my serious interest in skin care product research as well as the pursuit of related medical research.

My early expertise focused on skin care product ingredients. Not only did I study and pursue scientific research, but I also evaluated thousands of products and technologies. Over the years, I began lecturing to physicians, medical professionals, skin care professionals and consumers.

In 1989, I financed and co-marketed a product line called M.D. Formulations/M.D. Forte. It was the first truly medically valid glycolic acid based product line. It was also one of the first product lines to ever be dispensed and endorsed by physicians out of their practices.

In 1994, I founded Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc., which enabled me to further realize and refine my vision.  Jan Marini Skin Research is really the vehicle that allows me to research, develop and market new and evolving technologies.  I have had the privilege of bringing to market topical agents that are a worldwide first. I hold numerous patents and I am intensely dedicated to uncovering and identifying technologies that can truly impact the medical community and professional skin care market.  I have been honored to speak at medical venues around the world and I continue to be immensely grateful and humbled by the support of the marketplace I serve.

“When physicians and skin care professionals tell me their success stories it is incredibly encouraging. When I get letters and e-mails from end users whose lives have been changed it makes everything worthwhile and meaningful.”

What is Jan Marini’s skin care philosophy?
I am passionate if not compulsive about sharing information that is medically valid in order to empower physicians and skin care professionals with the knowledge to educate patients and consumers who, in turn, can make buying decisions based on realistic expectations rather than seductive ad rhetoric and misinformation.

I also truly believe that anyone can have healthy looking, beautiful skin and today, there are topical agents that can dramatically improve any skin condition.

How do you come up the formulas and ingredients that go into your products?
First, I subscribe to roughly 30 medical journals a month.  I get a considerable amount of inspiration from medical research that spans dermatology to oncology.  Plus, I am fortunate to have access to many fine physicians and researchers.  Last, I develop products as much for my own concerns as I do for everyone in general.  I have the same issues as everyone else.

Which product from the Jan Marini line are you most proud of developing?
That’s tough to answer because I am most proud of the ability of the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System to resolve many common but nevertheless devastating skin concerns.  Clearing severe acne or rosacea, for example, changes lives and gives individuals back their self esteem.

However, I would have to say that the innovation that brought JMSR the greatest attention was the invention and introduction of our Eyelash technology.  Marini Lash gives spectacularly “oh my goodness, they can’t be real” eyelashes.

Jan Marini Skincare

Jan Marini Skincare

What’s new with the Jan Marini skin care line this year?
There’s always something on the drawing board for future consideration.  But the last 12 months have been a very creative time for me.  I will say that I have hit an absolute product home run with Age Intervention®Transitions and Enlighten. Transitions targets stubborn adult acne, which is an epidemic today among women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and beyond.

Age Intervention Enlighten addresses resistant facial discoloration which is another significant concern.  Facial skin that is not uniform is perceived as being far less youthful looking. Enlighten provides the most incredibly illuminated, even, refined look.  It has been a giant success!

How did you acquire the nickname “The Derma Diva”?
Sometimes the media gives you a nickname and it just sticks.  It started about ten years ago.

What skin care regimen do you recommend for the body and can stretch marks ever be cured?
Body skin looks firmer, smoother and more refined when it is regularly resurfaced.  For example, I recommend a glycolic acid granular body scrub and a glycolic acid based body cream.

Stretch marks are actually tears in the collagen and elastin structure of the skin.  In general, if stretch marks are less than two years old and still reddish or pink, they can be repaired to a great extent with glycolic acid, stabilized topical vitamin C and stabilized retinol, prescription retinoids (like Retin-A™ or Tazorac™) can have a dramatic repair effect if used consistently. Also, there are a number of non-ablative (won’t remove skin) lasers that are showing great promise in repairing stretch marks.  The key is the time frame.  After approximately two years, when they turn white, stretch marks become more like scar tissue and you are far less likely to reduce their appearance.

What would be a great place to start for someone who never used Jan Marini skin care before?
The best place to start is with a thorough consultation.  The average female has over $400 in product in her bathroom that she doesn’t use.  Our approach is based on a simple skin care management system that measurably addresses common skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles and discoloration.  Our specialists at 1-800-347-2223 are trained to answer questions and then make referrals to a physician or skin care professional.

Which part of creating your skin care line did you enjoy the most?
The feedback.  When physicians and skin care professionals tell me their success stories it is incredibly encouraging. When I get letters and e-mails from end users whose lives have been changed it makes everything worthwhile and meaningful.

What are some of your best kept beauty secrets?
I wish I had some secrets, but I share everything with everyone.  I believe in never holding back knowledge or expertise.  I use the same advice for myself that I give to everyone else.

What passions do you have besides making our skin beautiful?
I like to write.  I love to shop (doesn’t everyone?).  I love movies.  Most of all, I am passionately devoted to my husband.

It was a pleasure to interview Jan you can find out more about Jan Marini Skincare at the official website: www.janmarini.com

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