Dr Daniel Yarosh is widely recognized as a pioneer in the science of DNA repair. In this interview Dr Yarosh talks about is passion for DNA damage and repair, creating his own skin care line: Remergent, why did he decide to write the book: The Science of Perfect Skin, gives skin care advice, and his love for talking to people about the big ideas behind the science.

When did your fascination with skin care begin?
In my specialty of DNA damage and repair, the skin is the battleground between sunlight and life, and I started research in this area in my high school science projects.

What is different about the Remergent skin care line?
Each product in the Remergent line is directed to an unmet need, it is a multi-tasker to address several parts of the problem all at once, and it is supported by published scientific and clinical research.

How do you come up with the formulas and ingredients that go into Remergent products?
We look for skin care problems needing solutions; we study the problem and search for ingredients in our research laboratory and in the clinic. Then we consult with the best formulators to put them together so consumers will want to use them.

“The biggest buzzwords are “natural” and “organic”. Unfortunately, by themselves they say nothing about how well a product works or how safe it is. I remind people that the worst poisons we know, like anthrax and botulism, are natural and organic.”

Where would be a great place to start for someone who never used Remergent skin care before?
Without a doubt, begin with DNA Repair Formula. Everyone can benefit from increasing the removal of DNA damage from their skin, and believe me, people who don’t expect it have damage from unprotected sun exposure.

What inspired you to write the book: The New Science of Perfect Skin?
As I talked to people, I realized the confusion and frustration consumers felt about how much hype and how little information was available. So I wrote the book to encourage people to get excited about new products, because there really are things out there that work well, and to show them how to avoid wasting their money on those that don’t.

What are some of the buzz words in the skincare market today?
The biggest buzzwords are “natural” and “organic”. Unfortunately, by themselves they say nothing about how well a product works or how safe it is. I remind people that the worst poisons we know, like anthrax and botulism, are natural and organic.

Which skin treatments do you recommend for each of the following age groups: 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s?
This is covered in detail in my book, so here are the bottom lines:
20s: moisturizer and sunscreen, control acne with prescription medicine
30s: fight starter wrinkles by adding DNA repair
40s: reprogram skin for the long haul by rotating retinol and AHA treatments at night, add a brightening product as needed
50s: a full program of sun protection, DNA repair in the morning and moisturizing/barrier repair with retinol reprogramming at night. Spot treatment to increase microcirculation under the eyes and reduce discoloration with a skin lightener.

What skincare regimen do you recommend for our body, and can stretch marks ever be cured?
Our body needs sunscreen and DNA repair for protection, and moisturizing to help keep the barrier strong. It needs regular screening by us or with our partners, which can reduce skin cancer rates by 50%. Stretch mark fixes unfortunately have been overpromised and under-delivered. Right now, losing weight and using collagen-building creams can help.

What skincare ingredients should we avoid putting on our skin?
Avoid using harsh soaps and detergents that strip the skin of valuable oils, and don’t overwash (meaning more than twice a day). Avoid natural fragranced oils that are the largest single source of skin irritation. Don’t use products without preservatives, because bacterial contamination is the most common reason for product recalls.

Which part of creating your own skincare line did you enjoy the most?
Going to a department store on my own, and hearing a salesperson describe our technology to me in a clear an understandable way. I love seeing science getting into people’s hands.

What other skin concerns would you like to be able to address one day?
There are a few skincare conditions that affect millions of people, like psoriasis, rosacea and eczema, for which we have no cures and very little to offer. I hope that a little more understanding of the skin will lead to real solutions for these people.

What passions do you have besides making our skin beautiful?
I love talking to people about the big ideas behind the science. I love it when their eyes widen and they nod their heads, because they get it.

It was a pleasure to interview Dr. Yarosh you can find out all about DNA repair and the other skincare products in his line at www.remergentskin.com

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