Danneel Harris is the hot starlet from One Tree Hill. You can see more of Danneel in the new movie: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, scheduled to be released on April 25th. In this interview Danneel reveals some of her beauty secrets, why she loves Los Angles so much, and her obsession with Great White Sharks.

I keep my hair beautiful thanks to .. Nioxin for color treated hair. It helps to keep my hair full. Its not just for balding men anymore. It helps combat the constant stress of coloring and styling my various jobs require.

My favorite skincare products are .. I have been using Mario Badescu facial products for about six years. Their healing cream is great for treating breakouts without causing dry spots. Im also completely addicted to the Oxygen Facial at Bliss Spa. This facial is perfect after a long flight or a long night on the town.

I get my eyelashes looking long, full, and sexy using .. I use Talika eyelash conditioner in the morning and evening. I have noticed a huge difference in the fullness and length of my lashes.

The best lip-gloss I ever owned is .. I love anything by City Lips. My favorite color is Sin City. Its a light gold gloss with just a hint of sparkle, it can be worn over regular lipstick and gives you an added little plump…and who doesn’t want that.

My signature fragrance is .. Im wearing quite a bit of the new Gucci by Gucci. Its kinda musky, perfect for winter. My boyfriend picked it out, so im going to say..guys like it too!

The one beauty product you will always find in my purse is .. I always keep Oxygen Facial Spray by Langenburg in my bag. It’s odorless and REALLY refreshing. Also it can be used to set your make-up.

My number one beauty secret is .. duh, Lots of sleep. Also no salty
foods the night before big events, it makes your face look puffy.

The celebrity I find most beautiful is .. Brittany Murphy. I love her work, and she always looks so fresh. Plus she smiles a lot in pictures, very important.

My favorite way to relax is .. I like to relax by taking a long hot bath with lavender salts, and any Beatles record playing in the background.

The city I love the most is .. I love Los Angeles. We have great weather, tons of outdoor activies and all my friends live within 10 miles.

One or two things some people may not know about me .. Things people dont know about me: I am completely obsessed with Great White Sharks, and my dream is to one day go on a cage diving expedition to see them.

I am currently working on .. I am currently shooting a comedy called Fired Up. Its a cheerleading movie, with lots of laughs. Also I will be shooting a movie in New Orleans in June that centers around the celebration of Mardi Gras, appropriately titled Mardi Gras. On April 25th, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay will be released, its a real hoot! I will also be returning to One Tree HIll next month.



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  2. OMG! She said she wouldn’t eat salty food, so she wouldn’t looked puffy…well I don’t think it works, cause she always looks puffy 😀 pxaxaxa so can you imagine how she’s gonna look if she did eat salty food…poor Jensen!

  3. I like the One Tree Hill Cheerleading outfit. Think I’ll grab one for myself. Cheerco.com sells ’em I think. Then we’ll have a cheeroff hotstuff !!!

  4. If you’re woman enough that is !!

  5. I like her and her work. Just hate the fact that she is dating the CW’s Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles!!! Why?!

  6. I just hate the fact that she lies abot dating jensen ackles, she’s just delusional. I mean, she’s a very sick girl.

  7. she’s not delusional. she really does date jensen ackles

  8. Beauty has been a gift for women since ancient times. Though it sounds partial, beautiful women have always been given preference over an average looking woman. Every woman is born beautiful in some way or another. What we need to do is focus on our strong triats and enhance them and they will take care of our traits that do not resemble us in a very beautiful manner.

  9. i used to watch One Tree Hill on my girlfriends house. great tv series.*:’

  10. one is the name of that hunk in One Tree Hill ?’.-

  11. i like the leading man on One Tree Hill, the is really a hunky guy;”.

  12. One Tree Hill should be the best TV series for me, the characters are great *.’

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  15. Great Tips Danneel Harris, enjoyed reading all the useful tips on this site, special thanks to all the contributors including yourself