Patricia Kara is an actress, model, and a TV personality best known as Deal or No Deal’s #9.  Patricia along with Tameka Jacobs, were the only ones chosen to be on the new Daytime Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel, which premiered in September 2008. In addition, Patricia has appeared in over 20 television programs, such as, E! Entertainment’s Wild On, Extra, and the Golden Globes. In this interview Patricia Kara chats with Marta Walsh about her love for hosting TV shows, how Deal or No deal revolutionized her career, beauty secrets, her upcoming calendar, and plans for the future.

Patricia Kara

Patricia Kara


Why have you decided on a career in hosting and reporting?
I started out with modeling about twenty years ago back in Chicago. That led me to Florida and New York. When I was in New York my modeling agency started to send me out to auditions for hosting and acting. I started booking jobs here and there. One job led to the next job. Then I moved to LA and kept working. And I love it! Anytime I can talk and get paid for it to, is just great. I find my job real easy, it is what I love to do. With hosting I get to try new and different things, depending on what I’m hosting about, and being part of them in a way most people don’t get to do. For example, if I do a show about wake boarding, I’ll try wake boarding.  I’ve done a fishing show. I’ve also hosted a lot of sporting events, such as Kentucky Derby.

How would you describe your interviewing and reporting style?
For me it is about being in the moment, and researching about the event or person I’m going to interview ahead of time. But I also love to interview in a spontaneous style as well just because when you are in the moment answers to my questions can lead to new questions. Therefore, I don’t like to plan too much, because it never works out that way. Listening to the person I interview opens up to new things you never knew about that person before and to a discussion.

Can you tell us about your experience as Deal or No Deal’s case #9?
Deal or No Deal has changed my life in a huge way, and it also changed the lives of the other contesters. Before I’ve actually booked the show I had just told my agent that I was no longer going to model and I want to focus on acting and hosting. When I did finally booked the show I said to myself: “OK sure there will be couple days of work and I’ll be done with modeling”…These few days turned into a fourth season! It has opened up so many other doors. I am so happy I happened to get the show. Now I work on the daytime Deal or No Deal show too which started in the beginning of September. There are only two girls on the show, and I’m one them. 

How is daytime Deal or No Deal different than the evening Deal or No Deal?
It’s a faster pace show, but both shows are great. Instead of models holding the cases its contestants and instead of 26 cases there are 22 cases. There is a wheel with numbers that I get to spin, and the number the wheel lands on will be the number of the contestant  that gets to play for the day. And the prize is $500, 000 instead of $1, 000, 000. And it’s a half hour episode not one hour. The daytime Deal or No Deal is on five days a week and the night one only couple times a week. So the daytime Deal or No Deal is a little different than the night one but the excitement is the same. It is just as crazy and fun.

What projects are you currently working on?
I just got to interview for Fox movie channel all the different casts for the fall line-up that are coming up this season.  I got to interview people from shows like Prison Break, and 24. Other than that, I’m working on my first 2009 calendar that will come out in October 1st.   Part of the proceeds from my calendar will go to Women for Women. I’m working with a company called Beauty Society, and that’s how the idea came about.

What tips can you give us for keeping in shape?
My big thing is that I walk every day. For at least 30 minutes I’ll try to walk around my neighborhood, or in the gym. I also take the stairs instead of the elevator. So I’m conscious about constantly being active just like when we were kids. I’m pretty high energy anyways, I can’t just stand still. I also love dancing! I’ll create dances for myself or take any opportunity to dance like go out for dancing.

What would be your dream hosting job?
I would love to host my shows that are not just sitting around in a studio but going out and trying different things. Or even sitcoms or comedy films.

How do you keep your hair so beautiful?
I’m lucky to have my sister as my hairdresser, she takes care of my hair very well. I get damaged hair from being on the set all the time, flat iron and highlights so I’m big on conditioning. I use Nexus, no other conditioner works better on my hair. I use Bed Head Curl Activator. We are very big with BigSexyHair hairspray, this stuff is great it lasts all day, especially during show time. For everyday, and If I want to hold my hairdo but still be able to comb it I use Shaper by Sebastian. I live with these products I use them almost every day.

What are some of your favorite skincare products?
I use Mario Badescu and Beauty society. I also like Semeli  which is a Greek skincare line, their moisturizers and scrubs are really good.

How do you get ready with hair and makeup for the Deal or No Deal show?
We have a hair and makeup team of about 13 or 14 people. It takes 2 and half hours to get the hair and makeup for all the models. We also have a wardrobe team Dina and Jenny which are really great to help us with the outfits and jewelry. We have 3 fitting for each dress, so it’s a process. Every week we go in for a fitting. We have our dresses tailor made to our body.

What is your favorite mascara?
Tarte mascara is one of the best mascaras I have ever worn! It is just as good as fake eye lashes.

What is the best lip gloss you ever owned?
MAC Cosmetics LIPGELEE, it is a gloss with a tint of color and it goes nice and smooth on the lips.

What is your signature fragrance?
I absolutely love CHANEL COCO Mademoiselle, it has an amazing lasting power on you. It stays on you and never wears off, and it smells great on everybody. My second favorite is CHANEL CHANCE. GUCCI Rush smells similar to CHANEL COCO Mademoiselle, but it doesn’t smell the same on me.

What is your number one beauty secret?
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! And I mean from head to toe. I also do scrubs in between, I always have a scrub in the shower like an apricot scrub. I love Nivea Soft Milk Body Lotion with Ginkgo Extract, Shea Butter and vitamin E, it is the best moisturizer ever.  

Which celebrity you find beautiful?
Jennifer Aniston, she just gets prettier and prettier with age. Jennifer has a very natural look and beauty which I love.

Who would you love to invite to your ultimate dinner party?
It has to be many people because the diversity creates great conversations.

What city do you love the most?
Athens, the Greek islands, and New York City.

What one or two things some people may not know about Patricia Kara?
I think I’m an open book and I’m all about my family and I love to be active all the time.

It was really fun chatting to Patricia about her beauty secrets be sure to check out her official website:

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