Sophyto is a new skincare line coming to us from the U.K. It is all about organic and pure ingredients, or as Sophyto phrases it: ‘A Brit Organic’. Meet Karen Sinclair Drake, the creator!

How was the concept for Sophyto born?
Years of buying skincare based upon manufacturers’ claims instead of the quality of endorsements, science and ingredients applied.

What is Sophyto’s philosophy?
To create a new generation of certified eco-conscious skincare that offers results based beauty whilst also taking the environment into consideration. Sophyto fill’s a much needed gap in the marketplace and are not saying we are better, we’re just different.

“Our ‘A Brit Organic’ campaign was created using baroque style costumes which reflects our connection to the past as in the ancient methods and techniques we incorporate, whilst the body art and accessories depict the future which is the green science principles we apply. “

Sophyto is the first professional use skincare line to receive the UK Soil Association certification, what does this mean to our skin?
Effortless beauty that can adapt to changes in your life without the need for lots of different products. Our certification standards ensure we deliver truly authentic organic formulas that contain exceptional high percentages of biological activity. Specializing in the use of complete, whole food nutrients as opposed to those synthesized in a lab offers a healthier potency for an effective regime regardless of skin type.

Sophyto is a water-based organic line. How is it different than oil-based organic products?
The epidermis (top layer of skin) has 3 major functions:
1. To protect the body from infection
2. To protect the body from the environment (particularly the sun)
3. To prevent excessive water loss from the body
Moisture is constantly lost from the skin (Transepidermal Water Loss) therefore effective moisturizers need to replace this lost moisture and help protect from further dehydration. Amazingly enough skin moisture is affected more by external factors such as humidity rather than the amount of water we drink, so it is important to replace and maintain this much needed moisture (TWL) by way of topical hydration.

What is involved in sourcing the high quality organic ingredients for your products?
Due to the rigorous standards we work to, it requires each and every ingredient to be screened for any environmental impact and potential health risk. Therefore, we do not use any raw materials from environmentally sensitive regions such as the Brazilian Rain Forest, nor are we permitted to apply nanotechnology due to the lack of scientific proof that long term use is not detrimental to human health.
In many cases Sophyto’s suppliers produce ingredients for them on a custom basis, these are exclusive to the company and won’t be seen in other products. Some raw materials are a joint venture with larger organizations who have enlisted Sophyto’s expertise in greening their business.

What type of skin concerns does Sophtyo address?
Each product is a powerhouse of biological activity, therefore the formulas can self adjust and multi-task for different skin types and skin issues. It’s impossible to count the amount of actives each formula contains because they run into literally the hundreds and hundreds. The range is ideal for modern day women [and men] who want to tackle issues as soon as they arise, without the need to purchase additional products each time. For example our Prebiotic Actives is designed to help support the skin’s friendly micro-flora to naturally alleviate unbalanced skin conditions including acne, but it was also recently discovered by a medical professional that it helps improve keratosis pilaris. That’s the power of Mother Nature combined with good scientific research.

For someone who would like to try Sophyto for the first time, which products do you recommend?
I would recommend either the Sample Kit as this offers 5 products to address an entire regime, and/or Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser and/or Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser because keeping your skin clean and free of surface build up is one of the most important steps in healthy skin maintenance, without good cleansing, your other products just won’t work as well.

Which Sophyto products do we expect to see on the counter this year?
After our initial launch of the first 11 sku’s we will then follow with; certified organic Skin Balancing Prebiotic Actives System (acne treatment), certified organic Micronutrient Eye Therapy, certified organic Regenerative Skin Booster, certified organic Healthy Skin From Within Nutraceutical Drinks, certified organic Super Soft Creamy Cleanser, certified organic Massage Therapy professional collection, certified organic All-Over Body Conditioner and an organic Perfume.

Where can we buy Sophyto skincare products?
Our line has a unique cross-over appeal. Across the US; Anti aging physicians, Fred Segal, QVC, Dermatologist’s, Medi-spa’s and Spa Resorts, popular e-tailers and of course can be purchased from The list is ever-growing so best to check with us for locations. Distribution is on-going worldwide.

How does your experience in design school affect Sophyto today?
Beauty and fashion are a lifestyle and definitely go hand in hand. My creative side wanted an innovative and unique brand concept whilst my scientific background wanted to keep it clinical because it is a professional range first and foremost. So we moved away from traditional pastels and went for bright colors that represent the life force of it’s ingredients and chose modern day life imagery instead of botanicals.

Our ‘A Brit Organic’ campaign was created using baroque style costumes which reflects our connection to the past as in the ancient methods and techniques we incorporate, whilst the body art and accessories depict the future which is the green science principles we apply.

We all strive to want to be just that little bit different and Sophyto definitely reflects that desire and is something that connects with each and everyone one of us at some level.

What was the best aspect of creating a skincare line?
Understanding that at the end of the day, skin requires more than anything, just simple care to maintain a healthy function. Keeping it simple yet effective is what the real challenge is. I think there is a tendency these days to complicate things too much . . . it’s quite often the simple things in life that seem to work better.

What is your best beauty secret?
It’s hard to list one as I have a few;

1. Sophyto blended with fresh ingredients :- ) pure nirvana
2. Getting plenty of sleep
3. Being happy and having a positive outlook on life

It was a pleasure to interview Karen you can find out more about her skincare line at

Average Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 245 user reviews.

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