Sharon Johnson is an Executive Vice President and Director of Brand Development for M LAB Skincare, which was created by Millbar Laboratories. In this interview, Sharon Johnson talks about her role at M LAB, what makes M LAB stand out compare to other skincare brands on the market, why is M LAB’s Anti-Aging Treatment Cream so effective, and the best part of her job.

How would you describe your role at M LAB?
As Executive Vice President and Director of Brand Development my role at M LAB includes taking an initial concept to manufactured, finished products, and ready to market.  I oversee our UK based sales team in Harrods London and work with the President Global Strategic Planning in developing M LAB business relationships in other markets.

M LAB Skincare was created by Milbar Laboratories.  Can you give us an introduction of who they are?
Milbar Laboratories is a global leader in the art and science of cosmeceutical development and formulating innovative skincare for the medical market for thousands of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons for over 25 years.

What makes M LAB stand out compare to other skincare brands on the market?
Most skin care products contain very low concentrations of clinically active anti-aging ingredients due to the high costs. Minimal amounts of these ingredients are usually added for marketing purposes only.  The M LAB products are infused with concentrations of ingredients which have been tested and proven in studies to have beneficial effects on the skin.  The result is effective solutions for all problems associated with aging skin from fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration or uneven skin tones, skin texture, under-eye circles, and sagging skin.

What are some of the ingredients we can find in M LAB?
M LAB products are found to be packed with peptide complexes for the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin firming, improved dermal elasticity, hydration factors to retain moisture, emollients to soften skin, antioxidants to reduce free-radicals and soothing agents to calm redness.  M LAB products are based on using the most advanced and tested clinically active ingredients and combining them into products that will deliver meaningful benefits to the skin.  Some product lines are based on a single unique ingredient for their beneficial performance.  M LAB wanted to multiply the effect of a single ingredient approach by combining multiple clinically active ingredients focused at every skin aging concern.  

What difference in skin can one expect using M LAB products?
A reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in skin discoloration or uneven skin tones, improvements in skin softness, smoothness, clarity, restored skin hydration levels, dried or flaky skin conditions, and increased skin firmness.




The M LAB’s Anti-Aging Treatment Cream is popular among your customers and beauty press.  What makes this cream so effective?
In addition to the high levels of Clinically Active Ingredients at 68%, clinical studies were conducted by an independent laboratory to determine the efficacy of M LAB anti-aging treatment cream.  Following 8 weeks of treatment with M LAB anti-aging treatment cream, treatment effects and product attributes were assessed favorably in statistically significant proportions of the study population.

Study Panelists reported the following significant improvements:

91% reported an overall improvement in their skin
71% reported an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
93% reported an improvement in dryness
88% reported an improvement in the texture of their skin
76% noticed an improvement in skin clarity/dullness
86% noticed an improvement in roughness/flakiness
82% noticed an improvement in their skin within the first ten days of use
71% would continue to use M LAB anti-aging treatment cream
74% would recommend M LAB anti-aging treatment cream to others

With these significant improvements we are confident when M LAB anti-aging treatment cream is used results will be seen.

Who would benefit most using the M LAB skincare line?
M LAB is formulated to suit all skin types, both male and female.  Our formulations are put through extensive testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness.  The M LAB formulations work equally well for dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin, as well as light, medium, and dark complexions.  Our products are most beneficial to anyone looking to help prevent aging to the skin and also help reverse signs of skin aging.  Using anti-aging products can begin at any age.  However, it’s never too early to help prevent the visible signs of aging or too late to help reduce them.  The earlier you start a proper skin care regimen, the better.  This will help protect the skin over a longer period of time, and help delay the effects of aging.

Can you tell us about Marigay McKee, Harrods London Fashion and Beauty Director, part in the creation of M LAB?
After our first meeting with Marigay McKee we were so impressed we decided to term the launch of M LAB a partnership.  Marigay and her team were involved in M LAB from the beginning including market positioning of the brand all the way through to the launch strategy including advertising, public relations and in store events in Harrods.  The opportunity to work closely with Marigay on this project has been one of the great rewards for everyone at M LAB.

It was a pleasure to interview Sharon you can find out more about M LAB at the official website:

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