Lisa Hoffman is the beautiful wife of Hollywood Actor Dustin Hoffman and the creator of Lisa Hoffman Skin Care Line. In this interview Lisa Hoffman explains how her very hectic travel schedule married to Dustin Hoffman inspired her to create the Lisa Hoffman Skin Care Line, which two new products she is most excited about, her philosophy about beauty and life, and who she calls for hair and makeup when getting ready for a red carpet event.

How was the concept for Lisa Hoffman Skincare born?
The most important thing in my life is family. When my husband and I got married and decided to build our family together, I knew I was in for some unique challenges. His career in the entertainment industry entails a lot of travel, and a lot of time in the public eye. And, since we made a promise to keep the family close together, this means that I have always had to do a lot of traveling, and by association, spend a lot of time in the spotlight.

Taking care of my skin has always been important to me, but this schedule is pretty demanding, especially when you add five kids into the mix. I’ve always insisted on taking all possible steps to care for my skin, and required the best when it comes to skin care products, but I have always wished that there were some way to make the whole process simpler, less time-consuming, and more convenient to carry around.

It was this desire that inspired me to create a line of beauty products that simplify daily beauty routines by making it easier to use and convenient to carry, while providing formulas that represent the best ingredients that science and nature have to offer.

What is the Lisa Hoffman skincare philosophy?
Lisa Hoffman Beauty is committed is to the continuous development of products that simplify the beauty process, making it easier to use and convenient to carry, while providing formulas that represent the best ingredients that science and nature have to offer.

What type of skin concerns does your skincare line address?
My Night & Day skincare collection is an anti-aging line, specifically designed to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, our bodies begin to lose their regenerative properties. Our cells perish more quickly and this change in cellular relationships results in wrinkles. The process is often accelerated by UV sun radiation. Luckily, wrinkles can be reduced, reversed and delayed by using products that are formulated with special anti-aging ingredients to keep the skin looking and behaving its best. My skincare collection, for instance, contains a variety of advanced ingredients. It contains Matrixyl 3000 which promotes reduction in wrinkle depth and improves skin tone; Dermaxyl, an anti-aging, wrinkle smoothing, and skin damage repair ingredient; Haloxyl Tetrapeptide-3, a peptide that prevents and diminishes the appearance of dark circles and discoloration. It also contains vitamins such as BVOSC, a powerful form of anti-oxidant vitamin C; and Vitamin E , which serves as a free radical scavenger to improve surface protection. My formulas also contain a variety of natural extracts and oils, such as white tea, grape seed, lavender oil, and jojoba oil to maintain proper hydration and to keep the skin soft and supple all day long. My formulas bring together the best of science and the best of nature.

“When my husband and I got married and decided to build our family together, I knew I was in for some unique challenges. His career in the entertainment industry entails a lot of travel, and a lot of time in the public eye.”

For many of us developing a skincare line sounds extremely complicated, how did you go about creating your first professional skincare product?
You are so right. Developing a skincare line is extremely complicated and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. There’s a lot that goes into building a successful brand and I’ve listed some of the essential elements below.

• Formulation of a brand vision that is distinctive to the marketplace and offers a unique selling proposition
• Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
• Product/Package Development
• A team of beauty industry professionals to deliver the brand flawlessly to the market
• Operational Execution
• Promotion/Public Relations
• Distribution Partnerships/Merchandising
• A clearly defined time table and launch strategy
• Case study analysis of successful brands that have launched onto the marketplace
• Patience, dedication, tenacity, and most of all passion for the product

Which products would be a great start for someone who would like to try Lisa Hoffman Skincare for the first time?
I think women who are new to my brand should try the Vitamin A/C serum. It’s one of my top selling products and I just love it’s silky texture and the amazing results it gives you. The Vitamin A/C Serum is a rich anti-aging serum that is used before bedtime. It contains highly potent ingredients designed to reduce the signs of aging. The skin’s rate of cell renewal is highest at night, and the absorption of active-care ingredients increases between midnight and 4am so I believe it’s very important to capitalize on this anti-aging opportunity by using a high quality product.

What are some of the amazing ingredients we can find in the Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath collection?
My Spa Bath and Spa Shower collections contain exotic, yet sustainable ingredients from the world’s rainforests. To name a few, we use Acai Oil, which is rich in fatty acids and flavoinoids for superior moisturization; Catuaba and Guarana extracts to stimulate circulation; Crushed Bamboo to polish away dead skin cells; and Orchid Extract which is a natural anti-oxidant that protects the skin from environmental stresses.

Since my products contain so many wonderful ingredients from the rainforest, I’ve partnered with the Rainforest Foundation to help prevent deforestation by donating a generous percentage of the sale of my bath and shower products toward their cause.

What is different about the Lisa Hoffman Variations Fragrance Collections?
Variations, is an exciting new approach to fragrance. Each precious pulse-point base contains a variant of scented oil. The Morning Variant is light, refreshing, and subtly scented, so as not to overwhelm your sensitive morning nose. The Daytime Variant is rich and dimensional, for when you are at peak activity. The Evening Variant is deep and sensual, to enhance a night out on the town or a romantic evening at home. And the Bedtime Variant is gentle, powdery, and softly subliminal, allowing you to sleep in restful comfort, surrounded by the subtlest touch of your favorite scent.

These variants can be used alone, or layered to create your own “variations.” And, the collection is currently available in three luxurious fragrances: French Clary Sage, Tuscan Fig, and Tunisian Neroli. And, two new fragrances will be added to the line-up in September: Japanese Agarwood and Madagascar Orchid.

Which of your new products this year are you most excited about?
I’m very excited about the two new fragrances that I’ll be introducing in September. Japanese Agarwood and Madagascar Orchid will be the latest additions to my Variations fragrance collection. These scents are inspired by the rainforest and are currently featured in my bath and shower collections. The scents became so popular that we had to extend them into the fragrance category.

What are some of your most memorable moments in the creation of Lisa Hoffman Skincare?
There have been many moments in the creation of this line that I hold close to my heart, but most of all, I’m so proud of the enthusiasm and support I’ve received from the retail community. Retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Harvey Nichols, Apothia, and Colette epitomize cutting edge fashion and design. To be chosen by this very discerning group of merchants and to be among the tightly edited beauty products in their stores is a great honor for my brand.

Your husband Dustin Hoffman, has probably worn as much makeup during his acting career as us ladies, did he have any valuable input during your line’s creation?
Dustin has been incredibly supportive. Whether being a sounding board for ideas, helping me work out the details of the business plan, or lending his charisma to help introduce the products to the public via the media, he has been unflagging in his enthusiasm, encouragement, and advocacy of the products and the company itself.

What is your best kept beauty secret?
I don’t think it’s really a “secret”, per se, but I believe consistency is the key. Whether it is being consistent with exercise, washing your face every night, or always getting a full night’s rest. Being consistent and leading a healthy lifestyle can really halt or slow down the process of aging. Most of all, I think as we age, we should stay active and involved. An engaged body and mind, keeps our spirit young and enables us to weather emotional and physical challenges.

It’s Oscar’s night, who do you call on to help you get ready for the red carpet?
I often call upon Bottega Veneta , Prada, and Calvin Klein to find the perfect dress for those red carpet occasions. Their dresses seem to fit just right.

My husband, Dustin, has a wonderful make-up artist that he’s used for years. Her name is Valli O’Reilly and she won an Oscar for Best Achievement in Makeup in 2005. I regularly rely on her to get us ready for special events like premieres and Award shows.

And finally, I call Daniel Erdman, to help me with my hair. He does a great job straightening or pinning my hair up.

It was a pleasure to interview Lisa you can find out more about her perfumes, skincare and more by visiting

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