Dr Howard Sobel is the creator of DDF Skincare. In this interview Dr Sobel talks about his decision to create DDF, the best part of developing his own skincare line, why he thinks Giuliana Rancic’s from E! News favorite DDF Cleanser is so amazing, and his passion to help women and men restore their skin to the most youthful appearance.

When did your fascination with skincare begin?
I have been interested in skincare since the late 1970’s when I started my residency training.

Can you tell us about the beginnings of DDF?
As a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon practicing in New York City, I always knew there was more to skin care than the clinical ingredients we were seeing in our offices. Additionally, many of the existing brands outside the dermatologist’s office were lacking the active ingredients necessary to change the skin. Skin would respond better to products which incorporated cellular and nutritional science with dermatologic ingredients in easy-to-use formulas care solutions for a variety of skin concerns. In 1991 I founded HDS Cosmetics Lab in order to provide a skin care line to deliver professional results to my patients, their friends and relatives. In 1993 my sister, Elaine Linker, nutritional expert, joined me to help expand HDS’s distribution to retail venues, making true dermatologic products available to the average consumer.

What is different about DDF skincare?
DDF is different because the products contain highly effective ingredients in a way which is easy to use and understand. Each “skin concern” contains the “Cleanse, Protect, Treat” protocol which helps to streamline the complicated process of choosing the best products for each person’s skin. Additionally, DDF combines cellular, nutritional and skin science to help improve the clarity, vibrancy and health of the skin.

"DDF is different because the products contain highly effective
ingredients in a way which is easy to use and understand. Each “skin concern”
contains the “Cleanse, Protect, Treat” protocol which helps to streamline
the complicated process of choosing the best products for each person’s

What are some of the ‘good for your skin’ ingredients we can find in DDF?
DDF has known the importance of antioxidants since long before it was popular to include them in skin care products. Today, some of the most advanced antioxidants are included in DDF products such as scavenol, an antioxidant 100 times more potent than EGCG from green tea, and acai berry, a rich source of anthocyanins.

In our recent interview with the beautiful Giuliana DePandi Rancic, she mentioned DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser, ‘the blue one’, as one of her favorite skincare product. Why do you think this cleanser is so amazing?
The DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser is gentle on the skin and contains a low, but effective dose of salicylic acid, a beta hydroxyl acid which helps eliminate oil and increase cell turnover, keeping skin clear and beautiful without drying it out.


What is it like working with your sister, Elaine Linker?
My sister and I have always enjoyed a close relationship. My medical expertise and her background in nutrition have made us a great team to pioneer the distribution and education of DDF products, making it one of the most trend setting lines of dermatologic skin care available to the esthetic marketplace.

What skills do each of you bring to DDF?
My years of experience as a dermatologist and cosmetic dermatologic surgeon have given me a deep understanding of the needs of skin and a profound knowledge of effective clinical ingredients, while Elaine’s knowledge of nutrition helped us incorporate natural, holistic ingredients to help soothe skin- allowing for effective products without harsh side effects

What was the best part of creating your own skincare line?
I’ve worked with so many skin care products through the years and haven’t been able to find products that I felt were truly effective, easy to use and healthy for the skin. Creating my own has allowed me to address all of the issues I’ve encountered through the years when dealing with skin care products.

What’s new with DDF this year?
DDF has really grown in the past year and will continue to do so in the near future. We’ve launched two blockbuster products, Mesojection Healthy Cell Serum and Discoloration Reversal PODS, and have plenty more in the works. Both are high-technology skin care products that are extremely effective and innovative.

Where would be a great place to start for someone who never used DDF before?
DDF is very user-friendly because of the way the products are categorized into skin concerns and protocols. Take a look at your skin and decide what your main concern is, whether it’s preventing aging, restoring aged skin, healing acne, fighting hyperpigmentation or treating sensitive skin. Once you decide that, choose a protocol including a cleansing product, a protective product and a treatment product. This will give you everything you need for a complete skin care regimen that will truly improve the quality of your skin.

What are some of the mistakes people tend to make when it comes to skincare?
Another common mistake is choosing the wrong products for your skin type. People with combination skin often dry out the less oily areas by using harsh, drying products on their entire face. Additionally, younger women often want to get a “head start” on fighting aging and choose anti-aging creams and lotions that are too heavy on the skin. I also sometimes see those with sensitive skin attempting over-the-counter chemical peels and scrubs that cause irritation instead of products specifically for them. When you carefully analyze your skin and then shop for your skin type, skin looks and feels its best.

What passions do you have besides making our skin beautiful?
My other passion is helping men and women maintain and restore their face and body to the most healthy and youthful appearance possible. I love the instant results of injectables such as Botox, Restylane , Radiesse, etc. They can fill and lift the face to restore the youthful appearance that time and gravity has taken away. I get the greatest pleasure from being able to reshape the body with liposuction done in my accredited operating room under local anesthesia. The results are so dramatic they can almost be life-changing, making it very gratifying to me.

It was a pleasure to interview Dr Sobel you can find out more about DDF skincare products by visiting www.ddfskincare.com

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