The Adorage MD skincare line was created by three fascinating women: Ida, a skin cancer survivor. Ella, a doctor of internal medicine. And, Yelena a dermatological nurse with 18 years of experience working with Manhattan’s most in-demand dermatologists. Together they have created the first luxury skincare line to combine gentle neutralized glycolic acid and active ingredients with one of the world’s coveted botanical recipes. In this interview, Ida talks about the creation of Adorage and what makes it work.

How was the concept for Adorage MD skin care born?
We have 3 partners-women of 50 years old: 1. a nurse in a famous dermatologist office in Manhattan with major clientele –celebrities and socialites 2. me –with a background in health care and future DR. of naturopathy and nutrition 2. a journalist.Everybody had different goals: 1. never saw a skin care line which gives real results( she is very experienced nurse)2. I was looking that it has to be safe( I have melanoma history) 3. Had a very bad skin and money to invest.

What is different about Adorage MD?
We are the first luxury skin care line to combine gentle neutralized Glycolic acid and active ingredients: Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid with rare and pure botanical extracts.(Antistress cream was developed having in mind old apothecary recipe fro France from the 19 century, which was given to us by the relatives of French movie star of the 60-ies Delphine Vouler.

“We made an Oscar’s 2008 gift away presentation and received great testimonials from A-listers. We are looking forward to have new loyal clients, who will adore their skin at any age with Adorage skin products.”

How do you come up with the formulas and ingredients that go into Adorage MD products?
Being a professional in dermatology-our partner(nurse) new what are the ingredients which really work

Me, studying naturopathy was against parabens as preservatives and other dangerous chemical ingredients. And we also had sensitive skin in mind( during more than a year selling the products we never had any single return because of allergy)

We started to formulate it in US but failed and spent a lot of money and time. We decided to develop and produce in France-the capital of cosmetic industry.

Hyaluronic acid serum technology and Gel C are the patents of laboratory which produced this skin care line
All our skin products are FDA registered.

Where would be a great place to start for someone who never used Adorage skin care before?
If you mean where to buy-we have an internet store and a phone 201-886-7000 to contact a person who will explain what a person needs to buy. Also we are successfully selling in the dermatologist office which I mentioned( the products are flying away from the shelves literally)

There is a store in LA “ Body, Beauty and more…”We just started not long ago. So, there are other stores in our plans.

How Adorage MD is a best alternative to dermal filler such as: Restylane and Juvaderm?
These fillers consist of the same ingredient-Hyaluronic acid. This substance is diminished with age , but it helps our skin to look hydrated and plumed . If a person starts using this product from young age she/he prolongs the time when the skin is young, have elasticity , no wrinkles. So the person doesn’t need to fill up the wrinkles with very expensive esthetic injections.

Our Hyaluronic acid is our best seller-it has a greatest penetration ability under the skin due to a precursor stage of its molecules. They are smaller than skin’s molecules. It is not greezy or sticky as the same named products on the market.

What’s in Adorage MD’s ‘Secret Recipe’?
Antistress cream was formulated on the base of “The secret Recipe. It is developed for women after 40 , and is loaded with Soy , Soy Germa, and Ginestein extracts which are natural estrogens and antioxidants , providing skin’s elasticity, stimulating collagen production, strengthening the capillary walls, providing firmness to the skin. Paired with Glycolic acid, these botanicals compel the skin to start rejuvenating itself . But secret is the secret and I can’t provide you with the secret formulation

What are some of the benefits to our skin when using Adoarge products?
The skin is reprogrammed, it learns to be healthy and younger. We are giving not only visible effect in 10-14 days. The skin starts effectively working like it was when you were young, it was not so stressed buy environment, pollution, sun and smoking. The skin “ learns” to “act” younger. There is no difference if it is dry or oily-it becomes healthy and normal. It doesn’t look shiny, because you put some oily cream, the skin looks fabulous, because it is healthy. This is the largest organ of the body and is the mirror of people’s health. Our slogan is “ Don’t deny your age, Adore your skin and yourself at any age. Look fabulous.

What type of woman was Adorage skincare designed for?
The skin care is designed for the woman of 21st century in mind. She is sophisticated enough to understand the ingredients we are using and the benefits she is receiving using the products. This woman takes regular care about herself, because Beauty and Health are commitment. By the way, there are men who are using our product. !/4 of Dr. dermatologist clientele using the products are men. Only Antistress products are strictly for women.

What are some of your best kept beauty secrets?
Exfoliation-this is one of the most necessary things you have to do every day. You can use our Cleansers in the morning and Retinol cream at night. There must be no old or dead skin cells on the face. Avoid sun-always put creams with SPF on the skin

Skin must be nourished not only topically but internally too. It is not only diet and healthy food. They are not enough-or you have to eat tons of food. Adorage has a special Skin Formula supplement which consists of amino acids and natural herbs everybody needs for healthy skin and body. Nothing like this formula is on US market. And supplements are commitment too.

What’s next for Adorage?
We have the exclusive rights for 30% Powerful Arnica gel . It is must have after surgery remedy , relieving from bruises and scars. It is especially necessary after plastic surgery and esthetic injections. Blue and black bruises are disappearing immediately , when using gel no less than 4 times a day.#0% is the largest concentration of Arnica on the US market. Our gel is produced in France from pure Arnica Montana and is already FDA registered.
We made an Oscar’s 2008 giftaway presentation and received great testimonials from A-listers. We are looking forward to have new loyal clients, who will Adore their skin at any age with Adorage skin products.

It was a pleasure to Adorage MD you can find out more about their products at

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