Beauty Interviews is excited to share with you an interview with Marta Walsh a North Scottsdale REALTOR and also the founder of US’ top fashion & beauty blog

Marta Walsh a North Scottsdale REALTOR and also the founder of US’ top fashion & beauty blog

Beauty Interviews: Why did you decide to become a fashion and beauty blogger?

Marta Walsh: It was a pure example of do what you love in life and the rest will follow. Ever since I remember myself I loved fashion and beauty and writing about it never felt so good.

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  2. […] Read full interview with Marta Walsh in […]

  3. Great list of people that you have interviewed!
    I started blogging myself about a year ago and the opportunities are endless, but the best thing about it, like you say, is that you get to do something everyday that you love.


  4. The interview with Marta Walsh North is excellent. Also Marte is so beautiful.

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  6. I bought shampoo and conditioner and after using for a while my hair fell out by the hand full,i had to get a wig,i will never try Kardashian again,

  7. This was a great adventure, thank you for sharing it with us!

  8. Having been a realtor myself for a number of years I can see why doing something totally different is so appealing. Image is important in the R/E industry so fashion and beauty would be a great choice

  9. This is a pretty nice interview!

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