Kourtney Kardashian is best known for her appearances on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and is also the big sister to Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Kourtney Kardashian and her sister Khloe Kardashian will be appearing in a spin-off show which will air in August 2009 on E! Networks. The spin-off will feature the sisters moving to Miami to open a second Dash store on the east coast. The show has a working title of: Kourtney and Khloe in Miami.

I caught up with Kourtney Kardashian on a telephone from Los angles early in the morning to chat about the time she discovered the love for makeup. Why she looks up to her mother, Kris Jenner. Best part of being on the show: Keeping Up With The Kardashians. What’s in Kourtney’s makeup bag. What does she feel about becoming famous. And her new reality show Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.


Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian Sisters

When did you first discover makeup?
Probably way too young. Kim and I went to all girls Catholic school where we had to wear uniforms so the only way we could express ourselves was wearing cute shoes or a lipstick. I remember wearing lipstick in seventh grade. Our teacher would take our lipsticks away and throw them away every day. That’s why we would buy cheap lipsticks in a drugstore. It was a burgundy color lipstick. Not a cute color. We also then began wearing an eye liner.

Do your sisters, Kylie and Kendall, come to you for makeup tips or advice?
I notice my little sisters Kylie and Kendall already starting to wear eyeliner. Kylie is a girly girl and Kendall doesn’t really care about makeup. I took them to the mall few days ago, because I love going to the mall, and just walk around. We went to Sephora and I let them each pick something. To my surprise, Kylie who doesn’t normally wear makeup bought an eye liner. And Kylie who already has all the makeup got leopard tweezers.She said: “I don’t have tweezers of my own so I have to borrow mom’s.” I love going to Sephora and MAC and getting into it.

Your mom, Kris Jenner, is a very impressing mother and a woman. What are some of the things about your mom you look up to or get inspired by?
My mom definitely taught us at a young age to care about our appearances. She taught me how to shave my legs. Also my dad’s (Robert Kardashian) Fiancé at the time who we were so close with got Kim and I makeup lessons. We would buy all the makeup that the girl put on us in the makeup lesson. It was really heavy makeup but it was fun. My mom always used to have the best makeup, especially YSL makeup. My mom had all the special YSL compacts. All their newest special anniversary editions, and colors! She used to wear a fuchsia lipstick in the 80’s, and Kim and I used to love it. Kim and I used to go through my mom’s drawers for makeup.

Who are some of your favorite designers and how would you describe your own style?
I like to mix stuff. Major designers with fun stuff I buy at the mall. I wear things that are not always expected. I do follow trends, but I think it is really important to know which trends are good for yourself. I have a bohemian style and an eclectic style, and a mix of different other styles. Sometimes I’m all about bohemian and other times I’m all about the comfort. Kim would wear whatever looks good, I have to be somewhat comfortable. And I’m a huge shoe person. I love all different shoe brands such as YSL and Armani. This season I actually bought a lot of Louis Vuittons. I feel that’s where I spend most of my money on, shoes!

Since you have such big love for shoes, do you have any plans for creating your own shoe line?
Kim , my sister, is actually doing ShoeDazzle on www.shoedazzle.com For me, I love high end designer shoes, but I would prefer to do clothes more than shoes. Just because I love them so much I don’t want to ruin it.

You did Maxim recently, how would you describe your experience, were you nervous?
I was nervous, because with Maxim there is a lot of pressure to be sexy. I didn’t know what they wanted me to wear, and I didn’t want to show too much. I was really happy at the end because the stylist was amazing. Like in one of the looks we did black skinny jeans with a black bra, or a motorcycle jacket with little booty shots. So with each look it wasn’t showing everything. And in another look I did a 40’s kind of look as a pin-up girl wearing a one piece bathing suit. So picking up cool clothes and styles that I actually really liked made me feel confident during the photo shoot with Maxim.

What is the best part being of being in the hit show: keeping Up With The Kardashians?
Being with my family! Hanging out with your family at the show almost forces you to deal with issues that come up. When we do this little sit down interviews, they ask you things like how do you feel at this moment. In real life, especially with family, you know you are going to forgive each other so you don’t always talk through issues. You say let’s go shopping and everything is fine. Keeping Up With The Kardashians show forces me to deal with my feelings. I don’t know if I could do this if it wasn’t with my family though. The show brings our family so much closer.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of becoming famous?
I think it is kind of weird because I don’t really notice it as much because I feel I stay in my comfort zone. Like right now I’m actually downtown buying clothes for my kid’s store Smooch. I just keep doing the same normal things I like to do. Also where we live in Calabasas there isn’t paparazzi so it is easy to get on with your normal life. I know everyone from Calabasas for so many years. When I go out with Kim and Khloe in Hollywood or even by myself, if I’m out meeting friends, or when traveling for appearances only then and there when I notice the attention. I think it’s weird, I don’t think I fully get it yet. I love going to the mall, I’m such a mall rat. I love just walking around in the mall. One of the producers of our show asked me how do I even got to the mall? I tell him that I just go and walk around and do what I want to do. You can’t let it stop your life. Be yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously.

If you could in one word describe Kim & Khloe what that would be?
I would say Kim is a princess. When we were little I was the older sister and the boss. I used to boss Kim around, but she would remain a princess. Kim is also very sweet. You don’t necessarily always see this side of Kim on the show. They don’t always show all the good stuff. They show Kim as the diva, and that’s just one side to her. For the most part, Kim is very sweet and generous. Kim has a princess mind set. She wants a prince charming, that’s what she believes in. Kim also gets whatever she wants.

I would say Khloe is definitely hilarious and funny. One thing people don’t know about Khloe is that she is super sensitive. People who watch keeping Up With The Kardashians might say Khloe is such a bitch on the show, but Khloe is super sensitive and would do anything for any of us. If anyone would say something bad about me she would be extremely protective.

What’s next for Kourtney?
Khloe and I are going to Miami. In the next few weeks we are going to Miami to shoot our own spin-off show: Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. We are going to be in Miami for the summer and open our second Dash store. They are going to film the all thing and it’s going to be on E! Networks. It should air in August 2009. Khloe and I are very excited about that. Kim is actually coming with us to start and get the store going, and then it’s just going to be khloe and I.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning or before going out? Are you a low maintenance person or a high maintenance person?
At night time before going out I take about an hour to get ready. In the mornings I take 30 minutes. I would say I’m pretty low maintenance.

What’s in your makeup bag right now?
I love Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, and a Smashbox bronzer. My favorite mascara is Lancôme Extencils. My favorite blush is NARS Orgasm. My favorite foundation is Make Up For Ever HD or High Definition. And I love the new MAC Dazzleglass lipgloss. I love the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer.

What is your favorite nail polish?
I like the OPI brand in general, they have great colors. But this summer I’ve been into this florescent orange pink nail polish from an unknown cheap brand that I’ve found at the nail place. It’s called Hot Pink, it is a florescent pinkish orange, the perfect color.

What is your number one beauty secret or beauty philosophy?
Lots of sleep, I have to sleep at least 8 hours and an eye cream. Kim and I started using eye cream like in seventh grade. We even used to put opened vitamin E oil capsules on our eye lashes to make it grow.

What is your favorite body wash & body lotion?.
Kim, Khloe and I love Johnson & Johnson baby body lotion. My favorite body wash is Philosophy Crème Brulee Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath. It’s amazing!

What type of scents or fragrance are you into?
My favorite perfumes are Jivago, Michael by Michael Kors, and Quelques Fleurs.

What are some of your favorite hair care products?
I love Frederic Fekkai products, especially their shampoo and conditioner. I don’t like to use hair styling products unless someone else is doing my hair.

What are some of your favorite skincare products?
I don’t really do a whole skincare routine, I do however, love Peter Thomas Roth eye cream and Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads. I also use Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub.

Which city do you love the most?
I love Monaco. I’m not sure it’s my favorite city but I know I’ve been craving to go back. We went to Italy, Florence and Milan, and Venice and I just cannot wait to get back to Monaco again. In the U.S. I love Miami and I’m so excited to live there.

What’s your favorite drink?
A Margarita on the rocks with salt. And I love Vitamin water, the 10 calories one.

It was great to discuss beauty secrets with Kourtney make sure to watch episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s on E! Channel.

Also check out Kourtney’s fashion store online at www.shopdashonline.com and www.smoochkids.com/

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  9. And together they spend a lot of time. This is good because they are family.

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