Audrina Patridge is the only brunette we know on the hit MTV show The Hills.  Audrina was kind enough to share with Beauty Interviews some of her secrets for staying beautiful.

Audrina stars in the show with Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Whitney Port.

I keep my hair beautiful thanks to… Unite/ Bumble n Bumble hair products

My favorite skincare products are… Dermalogica and MD Skin Care

I get my eyelashes looking long, full, and sexy using… Maybelline: the good ole pink and green mascara

The best lip-gloss I ever owned… Lip glosses by Chanel and Too-Faced Cosmetics

My signature fragrance is… Pure Poison by Dior

The one beauty product you will always find in my purse is… My Dior eyeliner

My number one beauty secret is… Wash your face every night, and moisturize your entire body!

The celebrity I find most beautiful is… Faith Hill and Charlize Theron

I am currently working on… Filming the 3rd season of “The Hills”…and a few other things are in the works 🙂 cant tell yet!

Beauty Interviews would like to thank Audrina so much for sharing with us some of her secrets. You can learn more about Audrina and the show at

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  2. I too love the green and pink Maybelline mascara. So old school and does the trick better than the big-name lines! (for me, that is)

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  4. I love the green and pink mascara, but the blue is classic.

  5. I used to watch Audrina Partridge on the MTV reality show The Hills. It is good to know that she would have her own reality series in 2010 called Tha Audrina Show.

  6. Charlize Theron is such a very very beautiful woman. She also has a flawless skin and i love her acting skills..

  7. Charlize Theron is getting old now but she is still fiery hot and flawless-.,

  8. Charlize Theron also have that mysterious smile,`,

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  14. all i can say that Charlize Theron have the most perfect complexion among the movie stars ”

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