Stacy Provines has created TINte Cosmetics out her quest for finding the right lip gloss. Inspired by her first experience with makeup when growing up, Stacy created a line from a feeling of simpler times and cherished memories. In this interview, Stacy talks about how it all started, the best part of running her own cosmetics line, and Miami Beach.

How was the concept for TINte Cosmetics born?
I have loved cosmetics and lip gloss forever. However, I could never find a lip gloss that could moisturize my chapped lips, and tasted good. I would find an amazing color that looked great but had a waxy or perfumed taste. It was at this point that I realized I had to create a gloss that healed my chapped lips, tasted great and looked beautiful. From this need TINte’s Flavored lip glosses with Shea Butter were created.

What is TINte Cosmetics philosophy?
Our Philosophy is to offer the customer an amazing high end product in cute nostalgic and unique packaging.

What does the name TINte mean?
The name TINte means color, we put the emphasis on the TIN as slider tins are what were are most known for.

How did you go about developing your very first product?
I developed our first product with a great chemist. I must have gone through 30 submissions before I would approve the final product. I wanted the end result to be an amazing high end product. I know I am extremely picky but I feel that quality that I strive for comes out in the end product.

“As our glosses reflect I am addicted to Shea Butter. I use it for everything. It’s a great moisturizer and leaves your skin soft without being greasy.”

TINte’s Vintage Lip Color is getting rave reviews by many beauty editors.Why is the Flavored Lip color So poplular?
My very first lip gloss came in a similar slider tin. I remembered those amazing flavors like root beer, bubble gum and cream soda. I could not wait until a new flavor arrived. I created the line from a feeling of simpler times and cherished memories. I wanted the women of today to apply our products and remember those simpler times. The memory of a scent can transcend you from your stress filled days, back to a sweet memory of childhood and innocence. This collection was also created to grab the attention of the younger generation, the up-and-coming girl, and allow her to create warm memories of her own. TINte Cosmetics was my creative way to reinterpret the past and bring it into the future. I think many of the Beauty Editors remember these tins and have that same sweet feeling.

For someone who never used TINte Cosmetics before, which products are a good way to start?
I would love them to try one of our Flavored Lip colors or Flavored Lip Shines. Especially if you like a moisturizing, great tasting lip gloss that looks pretty and feels velvetly smooth without being sticky. Plus they taste so great your boyfriend or husband will love to kiss you.

How does living in Miami Beach influence your cosmetics line today?
I grew up in LA so moving to Miami Beach was a nice change for me. I am inspired by so many colors you see around the beach and the chic, sexy atmosphere …….

What is new this year at TINte Cosmetics?
This year is going to be great for us! We have some exciting new products launching including our new brown sugar lip scrub and lip conditioner. We have also recently launched onto The Home Shopping Network and our international business has really taken off. So you will see some great additions to our product line very soon……

Which celebrities are fans of TINte?
We are lucky to have a great following of celebrities including Fergie, Nelly Furtado, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tyra Banks, Eva Longoria and Drew Barrymore just to name a few.

What is the best part of being the CEO of your own cosmetics brand?
The best part of being the CEO of my company is working for myself. Believe me, I work harder now than I ever did but I have the freedom to do what I need to do on my own schedule and just being able to create my own products is a dream come true.

What is your number one beauty secret?
Shea Butter and Olive oil. As our glosses reflect I am addicted to Shea Butter. I use it for everything. It’s a great moisturizer and leaves your skin soft without being greasy. Also I love olive oil. I use it nightly around my eyes. It really works in the pure form just to keep away those fine lines.

Who would be on the guest list of your most special dinner party?
I would love to have Oprah at my special dinner party. She is such great woman and so interesting. I would love to meet her and hope to someday.

It was a pleasure to interview Stacy you can find out more about her cosmetics line at her website:

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