Soul Lee is an expert lash and brow expert at Shu Uemura. In this interview Soul Lee talks about her fascination with eye lashes, Shu Uemura’s “Rebirth” Collection, gives tips on how to get the modern Marilyn Monroe eye makeup look, and reveals Hollywood’s best-kept eye lash secrets.

When did your fascination with eye lashes begin?

I think when I started to curl my eye lashes and wearing mascara when I was 17 yr old. My mother is the lady who loves wearing make up and I’ve learned how to curl eye lashes f rom her. Being Asian with short lashes, I tried every mascaras out their promises t he volume and long lash look. I remember for one year, I wore false lashes everyday and refuse to take them off. Then I found out about lash extension – I had to learn how to do it.

What is the eye-lash look at shu uemura this season?

This season with the “Rebirth” Collection, the look is soft and fresh. The focus is on the eyes since the colors mimics bright hues of fresh spring season,

The lashes take on natural side. You can choose from our Natural False lashes collection like “False Lashes Smokey Layers” or “Soft Cross False Eyelashes” to add volume to the lashes without over-powering shadow colors. You can also wear half size of “mini crystal false lashes” or “Partial Soft Cross False Lashes” to add accent on the outer corners for instant eye lift.

What are some of your must-have eye makeup products in your makeup bag?

Black Drawing pencil from Shu Uemura(for last minute smokey eye looks- this pencil is so soft to blend and doesn’t smear so you can use it to line and smudge), mini eye lashes curler(to curl outer corner lashes to accentuate eyes and fits it my small bag perfectly), and Japanese brand eye drops.

“False eye lashes always in style in Hollywood.
The lashes makes big difference in the photos and movies make eyes more opens up. The trend for the lashes is using the false lashes that gives volume on the outer upper lashes. So it looks natural and instant attention-getter.”

What tips can you give for applying false eye lashes?

First you have to customize the lashes to fit your eyes perfect. Take the false lashes out of the box and put them on your eyes without glue. Most of the time, the false lashes are too long so you have to cut them to fit your lashes line. And then, put the glue on with tooth pick or small wooden stick along the false lashes strip. Make sure to put more glue on the both ends of t he strip. Air dry for 2 second and using both hands, apply the lashes on the lashes line starting from outer corner of eye first and then press onto inner corner. Hold them for 5 second a nd let you hand go.

How can we achieve a false eye lash look without false eye lashes?

Always curl lashes and wear mascara has fiber built in. The mascara as water soluble fiber

Give lashes volume and add length so it will make the ordinary lashes into

False eye lash look. You can also try lash extension – it last for a month and

You don’t have to wear mascara and it looks like your natural lashes got longer

And thicker without looking like wearing false lashes.

Are false eye lashes suitable for day time?

Yes! There are many selections of lashes to choose from.

So choose the one that is medium length and volume that’s suitable for day time

or you can even cut the full strip lashes into half to apply just on the outer corner

Of the eyes for sexy and flirty but natural look. Also you can use individual flare eyelashes to use on the outer corner or detailed areas for volume without committing to full strip of false lashes.

The late Mr Shu Uemura

I really love Marilyn Monroe’s eye makeup and lashes. How can we achieve that look today?

The look is actually very easy to do and you can also wear it for everyday.

(Katherine Heigl’s makeup on Oscars night was the perfect example of modern day Marilyn Monroe’s look) The look is clean and sexy and you can use one shadow to achieve this look.

Choose off- white ivory tone shadows that has shimmer in it. This will make your

Eyes sparkle. Put the shadow on the lower lid to crease and line your eyes with liquid liner close to lash line without smudging the line. Curl lashes with eye lash curler and apply two coats of mascara. Or you can wear false lashes (emphasize on the outer corner) to give more drama to the look. At night time.

What tips can you give for keeping mascara smudge-proof?

Make sure to curl lashes and always set concealer with little bit of powder

before applying mascara. Oil in the concealer can attract mascara from smudging

What is the best way to remove eye makeup and false eye lashes?

Use Oil cleanser that emulsifies in the water to take all the eye make up off easy.

It will take makeup off so fast, you don’t have to rub eyes too much.

To take the false lashes off, rub warm water with Q-tips along the lash line where

Lashes glued on. Loosen the glue and gentlely pull them off.

What is Hollywood’s best kept eye-lash secret?

False lashes and Lash extension. False eye lashes always in style in Hollywood.

The lashes makes big difference in the photos and movies make eyes more opens up. The trend for the lashes is using the false lashes that gives volume on the outer upper lashes. So it looks natural and instant attention-getter.

Also, Lash Extension among the celebrities are hot now. Lash Extension takes

About 2 hours to do but the result is very natural and make is look like you were

Naturally born with long, curly lashes. If you see them in person, you will never tell

They have extension on.

What do you like the most about your job?

I’m a beauty junkie and I love people.

I love sharing my knowledge and teaching clients with make up tips.

What is your number one beauty secret?

Japanese hair straighten perm. People think I have naturally straight hair, but

I have curly hair(I know, no one believes me) so I get my hair straight twice a year

It was a pleasure to interview Soul Lee you can find out more about Shu Uemura and their exceptional eye makeup products by visiting

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