Meet Dean and Davis Factor, great grand sons of the legendary Max Factor and the brilliant minds behind smashbox cosmetics.

You started with the smashbox Photo Studios in Los Angles, how did this lead to the creation of smashbox cosmetics?
We had makeup artists here everyday working on photo shoots and they would always make comments to us about starting our own line that was inspired by the studio. We have cosmetics in our blood and grew up around the industry so we thought we would give it a shot and it worked.

What is smashbox cosmetics philosophy?
Dean: To infuse the contemporary beauty, creative energy, and artistic lifestyle of Smashbox Photo Studios through our cosmetics into the lives of people worldwide.

Where do you get the inspiration for your products?
Dean: We pull inspiration from our travels, from everyday life and the trends we see in other industries that speak to our demographic.

What skills does each of you bring to smashbox?
I oversee the creative side of the business whereas Dean oversees the business side. Both of these traits create the perfect team. We both work really well together and respect each others strengths.

“We have cosmetics in our blood and grew up around the industry so we thought we would give it a shot and it worked.”

What it is like to run a business as brothers?
Davis: It is a lot of fun. We see eye to eye on pretty much everything. We also know to trust each others judgments, which makes things run smoothly.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is one of your most popular products, why does this primer have such a cult following?
We were one of the 1st companies to release primer. We were able to get the product out there before many other brands and the formula is very unique. The Photo Finish Foundation Primer was at the forefront of our primer category and now we have expanded this with 5 additional primers that are skin specific.

What is new at smashbox this year?
Dean: We have changed all of our packaging which makes the products really stand out! Smashbox Cosmetics is also entirely PETA friendly. This is important to us we feel that it is imperative to be sensitive to our customers needs and help a very worthy cause.

What backstage tips can you give us to help makeup last through out the day?
Davis: We have an entire Primer category which consists of the Photo Finish, Lip and Lid Primer, and Layer Lash Primer. All of these products have been designed to make your makeup last longer.

How was the idea for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at smashbox studios born?
Davis: Smashbox Fashion Week Los Angeles was actually the original event. We ran the event for 3 seasons before merging with IMG. Both Smashbox and IMG were running competing events and it made sense for both companies to join together to create the best possible event for Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Davis, you are a leading celebrity and fashion photographer, and you have worked with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and Cameron Diaz to name a few. Who would you love to photograph in the future?
Davis: Tiger Woods

If you had the chance to meet your great grandfather Max Factor today, what questions would you ask him?
Davis: I would like to know how he knew that his inventions were going to be so successful and revolutionize and modernize the cosmetics industry.

What passions do you have outside makeup and photography?
Davis: Surf, Ski, Golf, Lakers, Dodgers.

It was a pleasure to interview Dean and Davis to find out more about their amazing company visit their website at

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  1. I was introduced to the clear Smashbox Primer about 4 or 5 years ago. I always have had great skin and never wear foundation because I hate the way it feels on my skin. The first time I put on your clear photo finish foundation primer and then used a bronzer across my cheeks, I looked in the mirror only to discover that my skin had gone from great to perfect.

  2. I always support the cause of PETA..`;

  3. my brother and i are members of PETA, we really want to support animal rights. ;~’

  4. my friends and i are all members of PETA, we love to protect animals::*

  5. i would love to be a member of PETA, i love to protect animals rights-‘”

  6. i always admire PETA, they really protect some of the helpless animals on this planet “;`