Meet Danielle Raynor and Laura DiGirolamo founder of Lavanila Laboratories a line of  perfumes made with natural or good-for-you ingredients. In this interview, Danielle Raynor and Laura DiGirolamo explain how their inability to wear conventional perfumes drove them to create a natural perfume line that is actually healthy for you, describe how they went about creating their first Lavanila fragrance, reveal Lavanila Grapefruit as their best selling fragrance that draws a cult and celebrity following, and talk about the launch of The Vanilla Coconut Collection and The Healthy Lip Butter, Lip Shine and Body Washes.
Where did your journey into the world of perfumes begin and How was the concept for LAVANILA perfumes born?When we met, we were both working on opposite coasts in the beauty industry.  With resumes that collectively include everything from beauty consultants to graphic designer, agent, make-up artist, marketing director & lawyer….as diverse as our work experience was…we always shared a very common ground—the absolute inability to wear fine fragrances. (without major allergy attacks and breakouts!)

Having worked in beauty and having the acute awareness that traditional fragrances are primarily complex mixtures of synthetic and toxic chemicals that absorb into the bloodstream and irritate the senses, we began thinking…. what if fine fragrance not only scented your skin, but was actually good for it?  What if fragrance worked overtime to provide actual skin benefits?

And the quest for The Healthy Fragrance began.

The LAVANILA perfume is described as a perfume that is good for us, how do you make this concept possible?

As the first to introduce natural science into fine fragrance, LAVANILA infuses pure essential oils with 100% active natural ingredients.  With each spray, proprietary marine technology locks in super anti-oxidants Goji Berry and Kakadu Plum, soothing Willowherb and hydrating Olive Leaf for a healthy dose of 30 essential vitamins & minerals and 9 amino acids.    

Unlike traditional fragrances that are full of chemically-laden alcohol and synthetic compounds, LAVANILA never uses petrochemicals, mineral oils, phthalates, synthetic colors, silicone, synthetic preservatives, sulfates, parabens & propylene glycol.


“Stick with a natural fragrance that uses pure essential oils. When formulated properly, they are not only better for your skin, but essential oils (as opposed to synthetic fragrance oils) interact with each person’s body chemistry differently…creating an individual and unique experience.”

How did you go about creating your first LAVANILA perfume?

We love vanilla!  It’s not only THE MOST universally loved scent in the world, but highly prized for it’s ability to mix and match with various other scents.  In launching The World’s First Healthy Fragrance, we felt vanilla was the perfect way to create an immediate association and fan base. 

In again working with a breakthrough concept, we wanted to launch with not a single fragrance, but a collection of three with one to suit every fragrance connoisseurs needs.  And we did just that with the launch of Pure Vanilla (a subtly sweet), Vanilla Grapefruit (a crisp citrus) and Vanilla Blossom (a flirty floral). 

Where do you draw the inspiration from when developing a new LAVANILA scent?

We listen.  We listen to nature, we listen to trends and most importantly….we listen to our fans.   Our new fragrance for 2009 was the most requested scent since we launched and 100% chosen by those who love our products. 

What is the best selling perfume at LAVANILA?

Although all of the fragrances perform very well, Vanilla Grapefruit seems to have a cult and celebrity following. 

Of all the LAVANILA fragrances, which is your personal favorite?

Since all of our fragrances are essential oil based and perfect for layering, Danielle’s “must-have-layer” of the moment is pure vanilla with vanilla grapefruit while Laura layers the vanilla coconut with the vanilla grapefruit.

What’s new this year at LAVANILA?

It’s been a busy year for LAVANILA!  This year we launched The Vanilla Coconut Collection, The Healthy Lip Shine, The Healthy Lip Butter, The Healthy Body Wash and are excited to introduce The Healthy Candle for Holiday 08!

What tips can you give for finding that signature fragrance?

Stick with a natural fragrance that uses pure essential oils.  When formulated properly, they are not only better for your skin, but essential oils (as opposed to synthetic fragrance oils) interact with each person’s body chemistry differently…creating an individual and unique experience.  All LAVANILA fragrances are made with essential oils that complement both the skin and each other. 

Which celebrities are fans of LAVANILA?

Lavanila celebrity fans include Vanessa Williams, Mary J. Blige, Tina Fey, Aisha Tyler, Hayden Panettiere, Brittany Snow and Ali Landry.

How do you make your business partnership work?

We are wonderful friends and amazing business partners.  We trust each other implicitly, are not afraid to take risks and enjoy every single day of our job!

What is the best part of having your own fragrance line?

The best part of having our own lifestyle brand is the ability to combine our extensive experience, passion and creativity into the development of a brand that is poised to revolutionize the beauty industry.

It was a pleasure to interview Danielle and Laura you can find out more about Lavanila Laborotaries at the official website:

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