Beauty Interviews is excited to introduce Christopher Drummond and his much anticipated cosmetics line scheduled to launch this May: Christopher Drummond Beauty. With over 12 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, Christopher is ready to share his knowledge and expertise in makeup and skin care with all of us. In this interview, Christopher talks about his beginnings as a fashion model, what drove him to create Christopher Drummond Beauty with its outstanding product: Saude Pele, and his company’s mission to empower all women.

How did you end up in a career in the makeup industry?
I got my start in the makeup industry with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics years ago. I used to model. I’m bi-racial, I’m half black and part Italian and I have a very interesting skin color. 15 years ago whenever a makeup artist put makeup on me they would use Caucasian makeup. When I looked at the pictures my skin appeared green or grey. So I decided to go and find makeup that matches my skin tone perfectly. I went to the Bobbi Brown Counter. There was a rumor about Bobbi Brown’s foundations to have a yellow base to them and that it might work well with my skin. I start talking to the counter manager at Bobbi Brown and I was there for an hour and a half. She was asking questions about me and my background, until finally she said she would like to offer me a job at the Bobbi Brown counter. She thought I would be really wonderful at it. I excepted the job. I always kept Bobbi Brown Cosmetics philosophy and I really believe in it.

How was the concept for Christopher Drummond Beauty born?
I’ve been working in the natural realm of beauty for a long time, working for mineral makeup, and different types of organic makeup and skincare. I just knew as a makeup artist there were some products and concepts that were missing. And just like any entrepreneur I decided to create it myself. It happened over a long period of time. I started to develop a concept in my head over 7 years ago when I lived in Miami. But once I got back to New York I have decided to just do it.

“I have created Saude Pele from scratch, it is not a private label, so it is very rewarding when people say they love it. It is very personal to me. “

What is Christopher Drummond Beauty’s philosophy?
The bottom line of this company is to help people. Makeup is considered to be very superficial, so I really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and make cosmetics and makeup not as superficial. Through Christopher Drummond Beauty I would like to educate and empower women with knowledge about ingredients and products. Women are told to use organic or all natural makeup and skin care products. The question is why? What are the affects? What happens when I put chemicals on my face? These women are aware of the organic and all natural trend but they don’t know why. What I want to do with Christopher Drummond Beauty is to provide the answers. With 15 years in the beauty industry I have a lot of answers. We are also creating a line that works with many types of skin tones. We are going to be creating a lot of initiatives and charities and give back to the community. I was raised you should always volunteer your time and money if you have it, and do what you can to help other people out. And I’m very passionate about that. We are starting very basic and gradually, with one product: Saude Pele.

How does your experience as a fashion model influence Christopher Drummond Beauty today?
I can see things from all perspectives: model, makeup artist and a photographer. With this, I want to bring reality trough Christopher Drummond Beauty. I became a licenses aesthetician because skincare because my skin got really bad as a model. Makeup artists would use the same brush on me after using it on few other models. They used heavy cakey makeup and wearing that 12 hours a day was bad for my skin. Also, I would like to help people in getting over few myths about makeup and skincare: such as, you don’t need to use a toner, and don’t rely on your foundation for sunscreen.

When is Christopher Drummond Beauty scheduled to launch?
In May 2008. Saude Pele by Christopher Drummond Beauty is available online right now on And we would like to consider to try get in Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman. I really want to focus on the spa industry, but it is important to first get your name out there. We are working on expanding our product line in the coming months with: a foundation in a powder form, organic based cream concealer for the eyes specifically, lip products, eye shadows, a universal blush, and a tinted moisturizer.

What is so unique about Saude Pele?
I wanted to launch a product that anybody can wear, young and mature women and different skin types. The name Saude Pele means healthy skin in Portuguese, which Christopher Drummond Beauty is all about. I used a Portuguese name because it has an anti oxidant ingredient called Acai, a Brazilian berry. This is the first foundation with Acai berry. I wanted to create a product that gives a skin a beautiful glowing look without looking like you have anything on. Brazilian skin has a connotation of having a beautiful, radiant, and carefree skin which fits Saude Pele’s image. I wanted to keep the Latin flair and influence with the product. I’ve been getting rave review about it. Saude Pele is for everybody. Whether you have light skin or dark skin it is going to make your skin beautiful. I use a very small amount of Titanium Dioxide which usually turns dark skin grey. Saude Pele is what I call: a radiant booster. It can be used alone or mixed with a foundation. I have created Saude Pele from scratch, it is not a private label, so it is very rewarding when people say they love it. It is very personal to me.

What was the best part creating Christopher Drummond Beauty?
The best part was creating a company that is me. Taking my personality, my thoughts and my vision and being able to follow through on that. I love giving people the information they don’t know or have. I believe there is an immense amount of women that really love products but they are very uneducated about the products they use.

It was a pleasure to interview Christopher to find out more about his cosmetics line visit the official website:

He also has a blog discussing natural makeup at

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