Beauty Interviews is pleased to introduce Adam Gerstein the founder and CEO of beautyADDICTS makeup line. Although beautyADDICTS was only born in 2005 it is already getting rave reviews by many beauty editors and of course it got our attention.With its main philosophy of beauty made simple and high standard products beautyADDICTS is destined for success. In this interview Adam talks about his company what makes it stand out from the crowd…..

What inspired you to start beautyADDICTS?
I’ve always been driven by two core passions – bringing
ideas to life, and making the complex simple. After working abroad for several years, I was ready to return to New York, and when I saw the complexities and gaps in the cosmetics market, it seemed like the perfect challenge. I was fortunate to meet some great people to help me solve the cosmetics challenge…and beautyADDICTS was born.

What is BeautyADDICTS philosophy?
beautyADDICTS is beauty made simple. We feel that women shouldn’t have to struggle to find the right colors for the right time, and want to empower them to feel confident, secure, and sexy.

What ingredients we will find in your cosmetics?
We took the best of science and nature to make the most luxurious and wearable cosmetics we could. Then we added in nurturing ingredients like Vitamin B, Green Tea, and other anti-oxidants. And then we added in some unique elements, like the crushed freshwater pearls in our Hydra SUNRays, which help boost the efficacy of all the other ingredients.

“We will never put out a product just because other companies have them. They must have a specific function and purpose for being.”

Can you tell us about BeautyADDICTS color families?
We wanted to create a line that was intuitive, and relevant to today’s woman. So we created a system of colors based on looks, rather than ever changing seasonal collections. Each color family represents a different look for a given occasion – Glow (playful/flirty), Express (natural/casual),
Motivate (corporate/professional) or Seduce (sexy/glamorous). No woman is any one particular family – but rather all of the families, depending on the occasion.

Which of your products do fashion editor’s love?
Everybody seems to love the LipCLICK retractable lip brush. It’s very sleek, elegant and practical, and in a way, embodies the philosophy and pursuit of beautyADDICTS. The SolutionEYES EyeShadow, especially the Seduce (for the ultimate smoky eye) is also very popular with a number fashion editors.

What’s new this year at BeautyADDICTS?
In June we’re expanding the line into the Face category, with the launch of our dual pan Concealer, and new gel-to-powder Foundation. We’re also introducing a fabulous Mascara, which our customer base has been asking for, as well as Eye Pencils and Lip Liners. It should be a busy summer…

Any plans to expand into fragrance or skincare, maybe even for men?
We’re always looking at what women want, and where we think we can add something special to the market. Fragrance and skincare are definitely a consideration, but the Golden Rule of product development, as dictated by Maria Ashe, our President and Creative Director, is that ‘Everything must have a reason to live!”. We will never put out a product just
because other companies have them. They must have a specific function and purpose for being.

As for a men’s line – I’d certainly like to be able to enjoy more of our products, but for now, we’re focused on what women want…

Which celebrities have been spotted using BeautyADDICTS?
Adam “We have a number of celebrity ‘ADDICTS’…Zoey Deschanel, Shannon Elizabeth, Sharon Stone, Mya and Oksana Baiul, to name a few. But to be honest, I’m even more proud of the feedback we’ve been getting from the beauty editors, makeup artists, and of course, bloggers that have tried and loved our products.”

Some people don’t know this, but you have a degree in Engineering from UC Berkeley, how did you end up in cosmetics?
It was a long and circuitous route, but the core drive was always the same. I studied Mechanical Engineering because I loved making things, and in bringing ideas to life. An engineer’s job is to find the simplest, most elegant solution to a problem, and that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do in the world of cosmetics with beautyADDICTS.

Which one makeup tip you would like to share with our readers?
Keep it simple. Many women underestimate the power of a subtle touch of color. The best looks are the ones where they don’t even notice the makeup you’re wearing, but instead bring out the beauty in your eyes and your smile.

What products accompany you on your travels?
I unfortunately don’t use most of our products, but I rarely leave the house without a RelationLIPS Lip quad and LipCLICK, which make for great impromptu gifts. Especially in New York, you never know who you’ll run into, and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing someone receive and enjoy a little gift of beautyADDICTS…

What is your ultimate idea of beauty?
To me, there is nothing more beautiful than confidence. And that’s what we hope to give to all women, letting their inner beauty shine through with the confidence that comes from feeling great about the way they look.

It was a pleasure to discuss beautyAddicts with Adam and we would like to thank him for sharing his story with us. To see more for yourself check out the beautyADDICTS website today: – Interview by Marta Walsh

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