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Meet Diane Hammond the founder of Nailtiques,  a line of top quality nail care products. In this interview, Diane Hammond talks about her inspiration for creating Nailtiques, explains why Nailtiques is a leader and an innovator in the nail care industry, gives tips on how to help nails grow and on how to maintain healthy nails, and describes her idea for the ultimate dinner party.

What inspired you to create Nailtiques?
We did not feel there were products that meet consumer needs.  After owning a natural nail care salon for 12 years, I was having trouble purchasing top quality nail care products that [rmkw.ico] met all of the natural nail care needs of my clients. I decided to create Nailtiques to offer quality natural nail care products that would be beneficial to woman worldwide.

What is different about Nailtiques?
The unique structure and careful selection of ingredients allows us to provide a product that works.  The products address every condition and problem.   The Nailtiques Protein Formulas work like no other, they are nail condition specific in addressing every nail type, condition and problem.

What nail care issues is Nailtiques designed to address?
The Nailtiques line is designed to target every nail care issue that affects natural nails.  There are six specially designed formulas of nail protein that treat a variety of nail conditions, from nails that are soft and peeling to nails that are hard and cracking.  Our Oil Therapy, Nail Moisturizer, Cuticle & Skin Gel and Cuticle & Hand Conditioner are all designed to increase hydration, which is also very important to the growth of natural nails. Natural nails should not only be strong, but flexible as well.

How do you decide on the ingredients and formulas that are used in Nailtiques?
During the product development stage, we work closely with our chemist to research the best available ingredients.  Nailtiques sets the bar high when it comes to ingredients and formulations.  We pride ourselves on researching and testing our products. Consequently, we are totally committed to quality.   Each Nailtiques product is salon-tested and dermatologist-tested, to ensure that we bring our consumers the very best in quality and efficacy.


How would you describe rmkw.ico your role at Nailtiques?
I am highly involved in all aspects of the company, from research and development to overseeing the production line.   Sometimes I’m in the office picking out jars for our products rmkw.ico, and other times I’m out on the production floor.   What I love about my role at Nailtiques is that I am still immersed in creating the best nail care products available.

To what do you attribute Nailtiques’ success in the nail care industry?
Nailtiques is a leader and innovator in the nail care industry. Our success stems from a commitment to the production of quality products that continue to work like no other.  Women trust the Nailtiques name.   They know that every product in our line is reliable, effective and delivers the results we promise.

What is new this year at Nailtiques?
We are presently working on some very exciting line extensions that will launch early next year.   Customers can be assured that our new products will be of the same high quality that they have grown to expect from Nailtiques.

Which Nailtiques products are must-haves in maintaining healthy nails?
Nailtiques Formula 1, Oil Therapy, Nail Moisturizer and our Cushioned Sponge File which are specifically designed for natural nails. Rmkw.ico  

which nailtiques products do you recommend to help nails grow?
nailtiques formula 2, cuticle & skin gel and oil therapy.  

What are some of your best kept nail secrets?
Nails need to be moisturized not only on top, but also underneath the free edge. Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer can be applied underneath the tips of the nails. This works best when applied at nighttime, when the nails have time to absorb the product. Massaging vigorously around the cuticle increases blood circulation which stimulates nails to grow.  

What is the best part of your business life?
Mainly being able do something that I truly enjoy, and creating a product that positively impacts so many women around the world.  

Who would you invite to your ultimate dinner party?
I like to be around positive, highly motivated individuals who have a zest for life, a sense of humor and are artistic and creative.

It was a pleasure to interview Diane you can find out more about her nail products at the official website:

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