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June Jacobs is the creator of June Jacobs Spa Collection p>, a luxury spa brand with a commitment for high quality and standard of products. In this interview June talks about her fascination with skincare, her connection with the Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare line, and how she managed to succeed in the skincare business all these years

How did your interest in skincare begin? Following college graduation I began working for a prominent NYC based plastic surgeon. P> in my time there, i learned a tremendous amount about the skin and from then on i was hooked. I was so intrigued from my initial experiences and decided to pursue a career in the skincare industry.

What is different about June Jacobs Spa [p>] Collection? My June Jacobs Spa Collection consists of paraben, preservative, and fragrance free products, with natural aromatics. When creating each product it was important to make them all user friendly. Not only is the line botanical, but each product is practical and results-oriented.

How do you source the ingredients for your skincare line? I search all around the world looking for new, ground-breaking ingredients. I constantly meet with raw ingredient vendors, and am always reading the trades, journals, etc, to keep up with the trends and newest innovations.

"By keeping up with every new ingredient, conducting research on my own and with my lab, looking through the industry trade magazines I can help to keep consumers satisfied. "

Which of your products are you most proud of creating? I would have to say my Age Intensifying Group. It is incredibly special due to the technology and unique ingredients used to make these products.

What is new with June Jacobs Spa Collection this year? I am launching Better Love Naturel, my new fragrance that is 100 percent natural and preservative free. It is a beautiful scent that is intoxicating to the senses.

You are also a co-founder of Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare. How did your business relationship with Peter evolve? Peter and I were friends for many years. Before Peter and I began working together, I had helped to start another skincare company. One day when Peter and I were together the topic of joining forces to create a line came up, and we took it from there.

To what do you attribute your success in the skincare business? I would say staying on the cutting edge is key. By keeping up with every new ingredient, conducting research on my own and with my lab, looking through the industry trade magazines I can help to keep consumers satisfied.

How can one go about choosing the right spa? I always recommend spas I have had a great experience at. One should read about them online, in the spa magazines, look at what their ratings have been, and of course by recommendation.

What advice can you give to maximize our spa appointment experience? Go into the appointment with the goal of achieving pure relaxation. Try not to think about what you need to do, anything work related, about picking up your kids, and take this time for yourself. Aestheticians are also a wealth of knowledge, so ask them any questions about your skin, treatments, how to do this at home, etc.

How can we best create a spa experience at home? The first step to creating a serene spa environment at home is with candles. I recommend turning off all phones, put on your favorite relaxing music, and drawing a bath using bubble bath and bath salts.

What is your number one beauty secret? Drink lots of water. Everyone should drink at least 32 oz a day. If you are consistent with hydrating your body you will be able to see an incredible difference in your skin.

What other passions do you have besides your work? I love traveling p> and love spending time with my grandchildren.

It was a pleasure to interview June Jacobs you can find out more about her spa collection at her website:

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